Mllse AMD Radeon RX6400XL Graphic Card 4G PCI Express 4.0x4 GDDR6 64bit AMD Navi 24 xl 2177MHz 7nm GPU Gaming Radeon Video Card

RX 6400


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AMD Radeon RX6400

Powerful perfomance with breakthrough AMD RDNA2 archilecture

8K Resolution

It can not only process 4K images, but also support a new generation of 8K video output

Windows 11 Gaming experrience powered by AMD


AMD's next-generation PC gaming graphics cards, PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series S and X game consoles are built on the AMD RDNA 2 architecture. The groundbreaking RDNA architecture debuted at E3 2019 and continues to evolve, leading a new generation of high-performance gaming experiences. It's the ever-evolving DNA of games that powers games and makes them come alive.

RX6400XL 4GB

51Risc AMD Radeon RX6400XL 4GB
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