Mllse Mining Video card rtx3070 8GB ETH Hashrate 65+Mh/s GDDR6 256Bit NVIDIA GPU PCI-E 3.0 x16 RTX 3070 Graphics Card For Mining

RTX 3070



This graphics card can only be used with motherboards that can only be used with b250 b75 b85 x79 X99, other motherboards are not compatible
mining performance strong power consumption is low, the price is the lowest profit good helper!
ETH:66~67 mh/s
This graphics card can only be used for mining

Test parameters

▪ test system:hiveos
▪ system version:0.6-213@220207
▪ motherboard:BTC79X9
▪ Lock Core Clock:1130MHz
▪ Memory Clock : 3000MHz
▪ Single graphics card power :130W
▪ 7 graphics cards and chassis :1080W
▪ Hashrate of a single card : 65Mh/s
▪ 7 cards total hashrate:456Mh/s
▪ mining procedure:nbminer
▪ Program Version:v.40.1
▪ Video memory brand:Samsung GDDR6 HC-14

Packaging Details and Branding